Synck is business-grade cloud storage & collaboration


File sharing for your internal users and external parties.

Any Device

Universal file access; sync across desktops, laptops and mobile devices.
Windows, Mac, IOS & Android.

Backup Folders

Multiple folder backup (Documents, Desktop, Pictures, etc.). Synck doesn’t limit you to just one folder.

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Super Secure

Robust 448-bit Blowfish encryption, on the server and while in-transit.

Never Lose a File

Unlimited revisions of files.
Continuous, real-time backup.
Custom deleted file retention periods.

Easy to Manage

Web-based administrative access for single-pane-of-glass management.

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Finally, a Dropbox alternative designed for small business!

Any time, anywhere access

With Synck, staff have easy access to their data whether inside the local network or not. Staff can access their data whether they have an Internet connection or not, using their desktop, laptop and mobile devices. Everything synchronizes automatically, in real-time.

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Automatic versioning and retention

Never lose a file again

With automatic versioning, file revisions are saved and can be retrieved and restored with ease. Same goes for deleted files, which can easily be restored at any time. It’s like having an Undo button for all of your company data!

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Simple sharing with internal staff and third parties

Great collaboration features

Synck makes it easy to collaborate with Team Shares, where common files/folders can be synchronized to an entire team’s devices. Third-party sharing makes it easy to share proposals, projects, contracts, etc. with people outside the company. You can set expiration dates on shared files and easily track who has viewed/downloaded them.

  • Synck allows us to grow by enabling staff to access and share data from anywhere, on any device.



Why don’t I just use dropbox?

Synck provides a number of features that dropbox cannot. Integration with your existing file server and the ability to use the same username/password as your office are core differentiators.

Where is my data stored?

You will have a couple of options to store your data. We can store in in our redundant data centers located in either the US or in Canada.

Can I administer the files and security myself?

Yes, you have this option, but we recommend that you have the D-Tech Technical Support team manage this for you as part of your managed IT services.

Does this work on tablets?

Absolutely, Synck works on iphones and android platforms and any web browser. There is no blackberry app, but you can access the files via the web browser.

The team behind Synck

D-Tech Consulting is built around Outsourced IT, a superior, cost-saving strategy for medium-sized business and established nonprofit organizations. Since 1994, we have been known for our plain-language approach to the benefits and risks of any IT solution, from deciding on a simple computer purchase, to enterprise-level implementation.
Your IT is critical to your organization. Rest assured it’s in good hands. We service any business or organization that wants their IT operations and department to align with their business. We transcend industry specific verticals and apply the same pricincpals regardless of size, revenue or geographic location.

  • Synck allows us to grow by enabling staff to access and share data from anywhere, on any device.