Version 1.8 Update

Version 1.8 is a major update to both the Synck application on a computer as well as to the web portal, both for Synck users and Synck administrators. Some great new management features were introduced for admins, and lots of enhancements to the Synck app for users! Have a look through the list below.

*Agent Version: 1.8, Outlook Plug-in Version:

Key Features for Synck Users:

  • Agent is now able to prioritize events in its sync queue and can perform certain events simultaneously
  • Added a ‘Need User Action’ dialog to agent to allow users to remediate collision files without automatically creating them
    • Screen can be accessed by right-clicking the agent’s systray icon
    • When an action is needed, the button will be enabled and the number of conflicts will be displayed
    • User will be given the option to discard their changes, or rename the file, which will create a new file with (collision) added to it
    • If multiple items need action, the user can decided to discard all or rename all.
    • Orange exclamation mark overlay will be displayed on files that need resolution

Key Features for Synck Administrators:

  • Added a new Agent Health Report on the Machines tab (a view of the agent’s sync/health status)
  • Administrator can filter machines that are Synced, Syncing, Offline, Needs Updating or in an unhealthy state (Error)
  • Upload queue will display how many files and data size left for agent to upload
  • New “Machine Health” Report added which can be sent on a recurring basis
  • Agent health is now sent to the server within 10 to 20 minutes of a detected sync error
  • Fixed issue where agent got stuck attempting to rename a folder with unknown folder ID

Other Enhancements & Fixes:

General Sync

  • Fixed an issue where agents installed on Windows machines would get stuck syncing files with a carriage return in their name created by Mac machines
  • Fixed issue where system files beginning with ~$ would sync
  • Fixed issue when agent would strip symbols after tilde in the file name which would cause an additional delete event
  • Added checkbox in the excluded files menu on the agent which allows you to filter system exclusions
  • System exclusion will no longer generate a systray notification
  • Fixed issue where agent could become stuck due to an incorrect time stamp marked on a file
  • Full filename will now be displayed for uploads and downloads in agent Activity properties tab
  • Fixed issue where some Chrome browsers wouldn’t display shared links

Active Directory

  • Now display more accurate error message when importing an AD user with a matching email to a Guest Account
  • Authentication sources will now display which organization it belongs to.

Outlook Plug-in

  • Fixed issue where the Outlook Plug-in failed to generate share links if setting “Use Cached Exchange Mode” is disabled

Web Portal

  • Fixed issue where report would receive a 500 error when confirmed to send to a recipient
  • Added message on branding page stating that if branding is changed, agents will need to be uninstalled & reinstalled in order to display new branding.
  • Added the ability to filter machines by OS on Machine tab
  • Machines can be filtered by All, Windows, OSX and mobile devices
  • Fixed issue where two-factor authentication would accept non-integers phone number.

File Server Enablement

  • Admins can now map to Team Shares that FSE agent is subscribed.
  • Team Share will be remapped to chosen path
  • Admin will be prompt to either Keep or Remove Team Share folder from agent’s Synck Folder
  • If option to Keep, folder will become a personal folder with agent’s Synck folder