Version 2.0 Update

Version 2.0 is a big update with some big new features, both for Synck end users and Synck administrators. Some big new features were introduced for end users, management has become more flexible and granular, and lots of fixes made overall! Have a look through the list below.

*Agent Version:, Outlook Plug-in Version:


New Features:

  • File Locking: Users can now place locks on files and folders within Team Shares! Locks are global and prevent all other users from making changes to files that were locked.
    • Admins can lock/unlock files and folders regardless of organizational policy
    • The desktop sync client can prompt users to lock Word and Excel documents that they open within a Team Share:
    • This auto-lock feature can be turned off and on at the ‘Edit Team Share’ page (off by default)
    • Included a button on the Team Share page to bulk enable auto-locking on Team Shares
    • Word for Mac & .xls are currently not supported
    • Unless specified in hard-lock extension list (description below), locks are ‘soft’ in that they still allow users to make changes locally
    • Locked files will get a lock icon overlay
    • Unwarranted changes (renames, deletes, updates, moves, etc) will not upload until a lock is removed
    • Offending users will be notified via a systray notification and an exclamation mark icon overlay
    • Added hard-lock (file-system enforced locks) for specific extensions:
      Extensions are defined at the organization policy level and are: .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx, .pdf, .txt, .xlsb, .xlsm, .csv, .docm, .dotx, .dotm, .pub, .wpd, .odt, .ott, .oth, .odm, .ots, .odp, .odg, .otp, .odf, .oxt, .odc, .ods, .vdx, .vsx, .vtx, .one
  • Download as .ZIP: Users now have the ability to download folders as a .ZIP file from the web portal by right-clicking any folder and selecting ‘Download ZIP’
    • Empty subfolders will not be included in the .ZIP download
    • Synck will strip characters outside of extended ASCII in files and folders when creating the ZIP file
  • Revision Rollback: Users can rollback all files within an entire root or folder to their revisions before a certain date
    • Provides great protection against CryptoLocker-like viruses
    • Users have the ability to select a specific date and time or just restore by date
    • Example: If a Team Share was infected on June 23rd at 9:00AM, user would select the restore time to be June 23rd, 8:59AM to restore all files before the infection happened

Enhancements & Fixes

General Sync

  • Users now have the ability to sync .bak files; by default this extension will be included in the excluded extensions policy and the policy is set per organization
  • OSX: Fixed issue where duplicate folders would be created when special characters were included in name

Agent Application:

  • Improved agent overlays during sync
  • Fixed behavior of folder renames when rename fails when user has file open within it- we will now wait until file is closed before applying folder rename


  • Changed default Synced Folder permission on OSX so only folder owner has read, write, execute permissions (chmod 700)
  • Fixed issue where folders containing a trailing space in the folder name would cause an error when trying to rename the folder
  • Fixed issue where duplicate folders would be created when special characters were included in name

Organization Policies

  • Admins have the ability to enable/disable Manual Collision Resolution per machine
  • Feature can be toggled in a machine’s settings page (From Machine tab, click machine’s name)

Dashboard & Web Portal

  • If a web browser supports the inline viewing of a file, it will be opened as such, otherwise, the browser will prompt user to save document; users can still download the file by right-clicking it and choosing ‘Download’
  • Machines will now display “AGENT ERROR” status for the root(s) causing the error
  • Added feature that allows users to restore deleted files between specified date ranges for subfolders
  • Added ability for organization admins to convert guest accounts into regular Synck user accounts
  • User has the ability to drag and drop folders for upload on the web portal
    • Note that this will only upload files, folder structure will not be maintained
    • File report CSV output now displays raw byte count in Size column, allowing admins to easily sort data by size
    • Added an option to use headers when importing CSV files to create accounts
      • If a csv files has a header, check the “CSV has a header row?” box