Version 2.1 Update

Version 2.1 is a significant update with some important features, both for Synck end users and Synck administrators.

*Agent Version:, Outlook Plug-in Version:


New Features:

  • Privacy Mode
    • Organization administrators can now turn on a feature called “Privacy Mode” which will disable visibility of data, but preserve administrative functionality for higher level administrators (parent orgs, or system admins)
  • Customizable Email Templates
    • Allows administrators to customize the emails distributed to new standard accounts and new guest accounts, including the utilization of shortcodes
  • Configure Backups from the Desktop Client
    • Grants users the ability to create their own backups by right-clicking any folder on their desktop
  • Pause Sync on Agents
    • Gives Synck users the ability to pause/resume sync on the desktop client application (simply right-click on the Synck icon)

Enhancements & Fixes

  • View excluded files on the web
  • Pull application & environmental logs directly from the web (especially useful for support)
  • Tighter security including prevention of brute force attacks

Outlook Plugin Enhancements

  • Ability to attach local files in addition to files from the Synck cloud
  • Ability to set to Always Use Synck Plugin for adding attachments to messages
  • Convert attachments to Synck - Intelligent tool that will automatically convert files that are dragged and dropped into an email composition
  • Attachment Policy tab to configure additional settings